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BrewGlobal Brewista Smart Scales (BSC2BNVWP)

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The Brewista Smart Scale has a water repellent nano-coating to protect the scale from the harsh wet environment of an espresso machine drip tray or common spills on a kitchen counter. Six different modes allow the user to choose if, how and when it automatically tares and times for making espresso, pour-over coffee, or to be used as a standard scale. Two protective covers serve dual purpose as bean trays and keep the beam safe when packed in a drawer or backpack. A programmable auto-off function conserves the two included AAA batteries. With a hefty 2000 gram capacity, it remains accurate to within 0.1 grams for precise control. The no-slip rubberized coating makes it easy to hold even when hands are wet. Inspired by competitive baristas, the Smart Scale is perfect for any method of coffee preparation.