About CareFreeNow

CareFreeNow is the world's first patient self service portal, featuring the EHR 'Electronic Health Records' System. We provide cutting edge healthcare solutions to patients, physicians and laboratories. High-quality, physician-ordered, genetic testing at zero cost and unique healthcare options. Review of DNA results with industry leading screening, minimizing medical complications and risk prevention for patients. We include support for physicians, as well as genetic counseling as part of every testing procedure. Our goal is to provide awareness of genetic testing to help save lives - The future of healthcare is here!

What is Preventive Screening?

Preventive screenings are tests that look for diseases before you have symptoms. Screening tests can provide critical information to help prevent serious medical problems and find diseases early, when they're easier to treat. Register online for the latest, most effective, preventive screening and medical care options at no cost for patients.

Get Approved

One of our physicians will review your medical history using our Electronic Health Records platform to determine your testing needs.

Get Swabbed

Once you have been approved, Your kit will be mailed to you. You swab according to the enclosed instructions. Then mail the kit to the lab fulfillment center for analysis.

Get Results

Lab results are uploaded into our Electronic Health Record platform. A board certified physician or genetic counselor is provided to discuss the results.