The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies Review

In The Lost Book of Remedies, you’ll find the most powerful medicinal plants used by our ancients! Learn more about the herbs and plants remedies…

Claude Davis The Lost Book of Remedies Reviews

The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects.

It is true that nowadays there are more and more people who prefer natural remedies.

They realize that they need to be kind of their body and chemical remedies will not be nice to the body with the side effects.

In The Lost Book of Remedies, Claude Davis will share you the natural remedies which were taught by our grandfathers. You will not only get the written explanation of the plants which are used as the remedy in the book but also the picture. It must be very helpful for identifying the plants.

Remedies in the Backyard

Many people do not realize that their backyard can be filled with natural remedies although many of them do not realize it. There are at least three common plants which can be found in the backyard and used for remedies including angry bear paw, log man’s mending fur, and red beak.

You will get the name of the plants and the explanation of the use which can be found in every part of the plant. You only need to go to the Backyard Weeds chapter to get this information more.

Remedies in the Forest

Foraging was known as a primitive way to collect the foods but there are more and more people who do this right now because they love to get the foods directly from nature. When foraging, you have to find edible plants in the forest.

By reading the second part of the book, you will get information about the edible plants which can be familiar for people who often go out foraging. Nevertheless, you will get more information since you will also know the plants which great for treating certain health conditions and also the poisonous one.

Remedies in the Prairies

Not only in the forest, the wild plants which are edible and can be used as remedies can also be found in the prairies. This information will also be explained by the author, Claude Davis, in the third part of the book.

Edible and Medicinal Trees in North America

You might be pretty familiar with some types of trees which are growing in North America. However, after reading the books, you will find that the tree you see in your everyday life actually can also be edible and medicinal. It is possible that you will recognize some trees inside the book.

Common Treatments

In the last part of the book, you will get information about the common treatments used by the our grandparents when they were ill. The natural remedies do not have to be strange or exotic because they can be found from the spice which is added to the meal. You will find the common treatments made from the items in the house.

Claude Davis The Lost Book of Remedies Reviews


You will get more than just The Lost Book of Remedies book when you buy it from the official website.

You will also get two bonus gifts including the guidebook which can help you to grow the medicinal garden even in 72 square feet garden and the guidebook of medicine which can be used in a crisis.

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